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To be part of the largest Deeptech community, please sign the Pledge below. To become an active JEDI, we will then be in touch to see how to join us as Strategic Partner, Challenge Partner or Mission Partner. You can already donate to JEDI to support our mission.



We believe in deep humanistic and democratic values, and we are committed to ensure that these values are served by science & technology.


We consider that science & technology is at the core of our societies, of geopolitics, of the future of democratic systems and we are, therefore, passionate about emerging technologies & their capabilities to have a positive, Technology for Good impact on the world.


We are convinced that complex and exponential challenges of our times will only be solved if we have the strategic foresight and creativity to act now for the future, with an interdisciplinary approach combining all hard and social sciences, and with the collective goodwill and passion to craft the future we want.


We believe that civil society has the boldness and agility to ensure democracies remain innovation leaders in the 21st technological century. We call upon Governments and public institutions to fully and practically support it, as we will need to work hand in hand to achieve this goal.


We commit to actively support JEDI’s mission in our professional or personal capacity.

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