In order to focus on the topics with the biggest potential impact, and in order to be always ahead of the curve the Joint European Disruptive Initiative has developed cutting-edge technology foresight and is regularly publishing JEDI Technology Briefings.

These briefings provide what is at stake, the current state of play of science and technology, key players and stakeholders, and last but not least the frontiers and the potential disruptions in this field.


JEDI is also actively engaged in technology policy recommendations in its mission to support and develop European technology sovereignty. It regularly publishes evaluations of current technology regulations, as well as briefing on necessary imporvements and forward-looking policies in the innovation, research & development and science & technology diplomacy field.


These analyses are delivered in multiple ways (technology briefings, high-level technology meetings, tech & policy roundtables, ministerial briefings) and open selectively to JEDIs and strategic partners.

> LATEST    Tech & Policy Briefing on the Digital Services Act (DSA)

                    (January 20)

       >Download the briefing here


       >Detailed version for JEDIs here

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> LATEST    Tech & Policy Briefing on the Digital Markets Act (DMA)

                    (January 20)

       >Download the briefing here


       >Detailed version for JEDIs here

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> LATEST    TechBriefing on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

                    (December 30)

       >Download the briefing here


       >Detailed version for JEDIs here

       >The JEDI AMR GrandChallenge

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Stefan Brandt, Director of Futurium

Thomas Courbe, Director General Enterprises, French Ministry of Finance

David Cvach, Director General Europe, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Matt Hepburn, White House Pandemic Preparedness, former Darpa PM, former Warp Speed

Jean-David Malo, Director, European Innovation Council

Daniel Metzler, CEO, Isar Aerospace

Sir Peter Ratcliffe, Nobel Prize in Medecine 2018


Thomas Sattelberger, State Secretary for Research, Germany

Jaan Tallinn, co-founder, Skype

Cédric Villani, Fields Medalist 2010


Jan Woerner, CEO Acatech, former Director General of ESA

(and more)


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