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JEDI GrandChallenges are competitions shaped to develop technological or scientific breakthroughs - with a radical new method, based on purpose-driven research, maximum speed, full focus on excellence, deep interdisciplinarity and bold 'moonshot' risk-taking. The selected topics are framed to have a gamechanging economic, strategic, and societal impact. 


Based on the successful DARPA methodology, bringing in the best teams working on specific hard problems to solve, we remove all bureaucratic barriers to ensure bold, non-linear thinking, while being extremely demanding in terms of achieving measurable breakthroughs, in the shortest possible time.


We require participants ("Performers") of our GrandChallenges to develop a prototype, in order to allow afterwards the ecosystem - startups, industry, VCs - to scale the breakthroughs and make them accessible to society—this is our mission. In order to ensure the best of the best participate, Performers retain the main IP of their findings.


ongoing & powered by CyberAgentur

What if we could create automatic protection for our critical infrastructures and provide a safe cyber space?

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evaluation phase

What if we could screen billion possible molecular compounds for a treatment against SARS-COV2 & disrupt pre-clinical drug discovery? 

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What if we could make the energy transition truly sustainable?

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What if we could develop technologies that are supporting democratic values?

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What if we could make carbon neutrality a reality?

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What if we could preserve our oceans and leverage their biodiversity?

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What if we could reduce 10x the number of untreatable (bacterial) infections?

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What if we could boost sustainability of agriculture and food production?

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