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Berlin, Brussels, Ljubljana, Paris, Rome, Tallinn

March 17, 2022

The Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI) is delighted to announce that Ms. Violeta Bulc, former EU Commissioner and former Deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia, is joining its Board of Directors. 


Ms. Bulc is bringing her exceptional European experience and vision in system science, mobility, smart cities, telecommunication, and innovation ecosystems. A former European Commissioner for Transport in the Juncker Commission (2014-2019), and former deputy Prime Minister of Slovenia, Violeta Bulc also held leadership position in business as B2B Director at Telekom Slovenia, as Vice President of Telemach, second largest telecom provider in Slovenia, as well as a owner and CEO of Vibacom for over 14 years. She has a deep working experience from Silicon Valley, and from different international organizations as their board member. Today, she leads Ecocivilisation, a global movement and community for understanding civilizational behavior and enabling new civilizational models for a more sustainable future.


The Board is comprising exceptional scientific and deeptech leaders, committed to build JEDI into a common-good and powerful instrument to bring Europe in a leadership position in breakthrough technologies.


Within the Board, Violeta Bulc will support the scaling-up of JEDI, and GrandChallenges around environment, space and mobility. She will furthermore consolidate JEDI’s reach in central and eastern Europe.


Ms. Bulc declared “At this critical moment in history where science and technology play an increasing role in our societies, I am absolutely delighted to join JEDI and contribute to solve some of the biggest societal challenges of our time through innovation and a radically new method to foster re-generative and circular breakthroughs”. She underlined that “civil society, with its agility and boldness, has a critical role to play to complement public policies. More than ever, we need a close cooperation between the deeptech ecosystem, academia, industry, member states and European institutions to achieve real impact”.


The Chairman of JEDI, Mr. André Loesekrug-Pietri, added “We are very honored and excited to welcome Ms. Bulc, a true JEDI at heart, to our Board. She brings an exceptional perspective and vision about how Europe can be a force for good in the current tech & scientific acceleration and will be instrumental in helping scale JEDI to a major European actor for technological sovereignty and human-centric innovation”.



Romain Forestier, Technology & Scientific Project Leader

+33 7 50 48 85 09 |

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