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Eurosatory, June 17

Mérignac, Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome, Tallinn

Photonis and the Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI) have announced that Photonis is joining JEDI as a Strategic Partner at the occasion of Eurosatory 2022. Photonis, a global leader in optical detection and imaging instruments, will benefit from JEDI’s focus on nurturing emerging and disruptive technologies, from its deeptech ecosystem, as well as from its technology foresight capabilities. 


The collaboration includes joint efforts in research on Space (most notably on detection and imaging applications), Digital, and Life Sciences (through Photonis’ expertise on medical instruments). Because of Photonis commitment to national security, it will also benefit from JEDI’s policy insights related to defense and intelligence. More broadly, Photonis will leverage JEDI’s know-how in interdisciplinary Challenges, such as Remote Sensing, Environmental surveillance, Forest Fires, and AI & Climate.


After the signing of the strategic partnership, Jérôme Cerisier, CEO of Photonis, declared, "Our partnership with JEDI reflects deeply the spirit of Eurosatory 2022: for strategic autonomy, it is critical that we Europeans do much better in breakthrough innovation — in photonics, in detection, in analytics and many other areas. Our collaboration with JEDI is both a proof of Photonis leading expertise on those, and of our commitment to constant seek of disruptive R&D and deeptech."


Mr. Loesekrug-Pietri, Chairman and Scientific Director of JEDI, stated "With this strategic partnership, Photonis joins the largest deeptech ecosystems in Europe and is another prime example of institutions keen to support and tap into JEDI’s Europe-wide technological brainpower, by becoming a Strategic Partner. Photonis unique expertise in the opto-electronics field will enhance our expertise and contribute to push further European technological sovereignty.” 


Romain Forestier +33 7 50 48 85 09



Laure Le Grevès

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