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on #TechSovereignty

For a European technology renaissance

29 & 31 March 2022


Tuesday, March 29

Sascha Spoun, President of Leuphana University

13.30 — Fireside chat on the role of Universities for frontier research

14.00 — Panel on Space observation & AI

Antoine Rostand, CEO, Kayrros
Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Director of Phi-Lab, European Space Agency

15.00 — Panel on Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence

André Pienaar, Founder & CEO, C5 Capital
Christian Hummert, Research Director and CEO, CyberAgentur

16.00 — Panel on Digital Sovereignty

Thomas Fauré, CEO, Whaller
Frédéric Filloux, Journalist & Founder of 

17.00 — Fireside Chat with the CEO of CEPI 

17.15 — Panel on Pandemic Preparedness

Antoine Tesnière, CEO, PariSanté Campus
Richard Hatchett, CEO, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI)

18.00 — Fireside Chat on Antimicrobial Resistance

Jim O'Neill, former Chair of Chatham House and member of the House of Lords

Thursday, March 31

14.00 — Panel on the Future of Democracy

Carla Hustedt, Mercator Foundation 
Jonas Parello-Plesner, Alliance of Democracy Foundation 

15.00 — Fireside chat on the role of Foundations for frontier research

Delphine Moralis, CEO of Philanthropy Europe Association (Philea)

15.45 — Fireside chat on large corporations & Deeptech - how to disrupt ?

Antoine Gourevitch, Senior Partner at the Boston Consulting Group

16.30 — Fireside chat on Critical Raw Materials

Guillaume Pitron, Journalist, Author of The rare metals war

17.00 — Fireside chat on New challenges in the security & intelligence realm — what role for technology?

Catherine De Bolle, Executive Director, Europol

17.30 — JEDI Exponential on Frontiers in Space

Josef Aschbacher, Director General, European Space Agency

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