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Berlin, Brussels, Helsinki, Madrid, London, Paris, Rome, Tallinn, Warsaw

December 16, 2021

Science & technology have a major impact on our society. They help us solve some of the most pressing challenges around climate change, digital or healthcare.


But technology can also contribute to mass surveillance, spread hate & conspiracy theories, and threaten privacy. Democracies are under attack, and opponents are increasingly using technology to undermine them. Many voices are sounding alarm how authoritarian states and radicalized groups are using digital tools for influence, manipulation and hybrid conflicts.


We need to act. We need to develop democracy-supporting technologies to strengthen our societies and make them fit for the 21st, technological century.


The Joint European Disruptive Initiative, the European ARPA is taking up its responsibilities and announcing the JEDI Democracy 2.0 GrandChallenge around:


  • Fighting e-Censorship

  • Detecting Deepfakes in real time

  • Social networks without echochambers

  • Face recognition without mass-surveillance potential

  • Fighting cognitive manipulation

  • Explainable artificial intelligence


Starting on January 10, JEDI will be welcoming all proposals from the best teams in Europe & globally that can provide solutions to one of the 6 scientific & technological Challenges listed above.


We will then finetune specific JEDI Challenges with the highest positive societal impact, that will be launched as soon as possible in 2022.


Since a stable democracy cannot be achieved without a strong and independent press, journalists & media are also welcomed to get in touch with JEDI to help craft the most relevant Challenges.

Contact - For any interview, proposal or strategic partnership : or

About JEDI - The Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI) is the European advanced research projects agency (ARPA) with a mission to bring Europe and free societies in a leadership position in emerging and breakthrough technologies. JEDI is launching GrandChallenges to push the frontiers of science & innovation, with a radical new method based on purpose-driven research, speed, full focus on excellence, interdisciplinarity, and bold ‘moonshot’ risk-taking. Powered by more than 4600 technology and scientific leaders from academia, industry and deeptech startups in 29 countries, JEDI is fully independent and financed by engaged foundations, companies, individuals and public institutions. Follow us on LinkedIn and twitter @eurojedi

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