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May 9 2023, Europe Day

Berlin, Brussels, Ljubljana, Paris, Rome, Tallinn, Warsaw

Since its start mid 2020, the Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI), the European initiative for disruptive innovation, has launched the first Darpa-type Challenge on this side of the Atlantic, set-up one of the largest Deeptech ecosystem in Europe, and developed a unique technological foresight to focus on the unlocks with the biggest economic and strategic impact for society.


This allowed JEDI to crystalize the state of play of innovation in Europe, and its proposals to support Europe (re)gain technological leadership. This is the purpose of this programmatic platform: the JEDI manifesto.


The way to European leadership proposed by JEDI is an Apollo 2.0, a massive and all-out scientific and technological offensive:

  • Developing a bold and understandable vision on what we collectively want to achieve as a society;

  • Identifying major unlocks where science & tech can contribute to solve challenges in three major missions for our society: fighting Climate Change, improve healthcare, building a human-centric digital world;

  • Experimenting a new method, complementary to our traditional policies, focused on foresight, speed, ecosystem, boldness, excellence, impact & evaluation;

  • Boosting budgets for research and innovation, and using public procurement as a strategic tool.


To ensure the transformation of our societies and well-being for all, we need to shape the future through foresight, innovation and boldness.



About - The Joint European Disruptive Initiative (JEDI) is the precursor to European initiative for Advanced Research Projects (ARPA) with the aim of bringing Europe and free societies to a leading position in new and disruptive technologies. JEDI launches GrandChallenges to push the boundaries of science and innovation with a radical approach based on focused research, speed, full focus on excellence, interdisciplinarity and bold risk-taking. JEDI is supported by more than 4600 technology and science leaders from academia, industry and deep tech start-ups in 29 countries, is fully independent and is funded by committed foundations, corporations, individuals and public institutions.

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