JEDI DISRUPTION - The Future of Mobility With Florian Reuter, Volocopter

JEDI Disruption conversation between André Loesekrug-Pietri and Florian Reuter, CEO at Volocopter about the Future of Mobility.

With the covid-19 crisis, the use of technology is growing and becoming even more important.

What did this crisis teach us and what was the impact on the political and societal scale?

What the industry of automobile and the industry of Volocopter has achieved in the storage, autonomy, redundancy ? What are the key building blocks that have been overcome and is still to be in the next years to come ?

It is often said that Europeans are risk averse.

However, the downside in technology is the same everywhere but the upside in fragmented European market is totally different from the one that you would make in China or in the US.

Is there a money issue, a risk taking or an adventurous mentality that would contradict the tought of Europeans being unable to take risks ?

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