JEDI DISRUPTION - The Future of Food With Marion Guillou, National Agronomics Research Center INRAE

JEDI Disruption conversation between André Loesekrug-Pietri and Marion Guillou, Former President of National Agronomics Research Center INRAE about the Future of Food.

With the covid-19 crises, a lot of sector have been facing difficulty like shop, restaurant, airport etc. What has this crises told us in the topic of the food and agriculture ?

There has been a lot speculation about how much this is linked with the loss of bio-diversity and the promixity between the animal and the man.

Is this some science that links epidemics and the loss of bio-diversity or is it more assumption and hypothesis ?

Where today are the frontiers in the food sector, is there some organs, some type of food which has not been explored ? How much is the agriculture of the 21th century different from the ways we used to do 10 or 20 years ago ? How will we feed 9 , 10 billions people in a sustainable way ? Listen to this podcast on Spotify

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