JEDI DISRUPTION - The Future of Cloud with Yann Lechelle, Scaleway

JEDI Disruption conversation between André Loesekrug-Pietri and Yann Lechelle,CEO of Scaleway about the Future of Cloud.

With the covid-19 crises, technology has been growing more and more and has become very important at that time. However,we are just coming out of covid-19 crises, and somewhat technology was a little dissapointing and was not the solution of our problems, why is that ? In 2019, European providers represented only 4% of the Cloud offering which is very low comparing to the US and the Asian providers. What is the future of Cloud and how can the Europeans can reshuffle the cards ? There also was a little controversy about the French government allocating the health data to the US cloud provider what was the rational decision behind this ?

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