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JEDI Strategic Partner
Access to Tech Foresight and Ecosystem

Access to the JEDI Deeptech ecosystem (whole network, ad-hoc moonshot committees)

JEDI Technological foresight (1 TechBriefing/ month)

Access to the confidential JEDI Technology Radar (quarterly)

Participation in JEDI Tech & Tech&Policy Roundtables as observer

Speaker at the JEDI Moonshot Conference

Selected high-level policymaker meetings

Note: Access for all to 3 senior representatives

JEDI Challenge Partner
Launch a GrandhChallenge

Option 1: be part of the Challenge Committee (crafting the topic, access to the results, visibility, participation in the Challenge organisation)

Option 2: co-craft a JEDI Challenge , possible naming, access to results as well as full participants list, access to Scientific Committee, priority over results/IP/equity access, JEDI Strategic Partner status

Note: Possible exclusivity on a Challenge


JEDI Foundation Partner 
Developing Truly Joint Programs

All benefits of JEDI Strategic Partners

Joint reports (Tech and Tech Policy), JEDI@Davos, JEDI@MSC, Tech Talents, Expeditions, JEDI Exponential Podcasts, speaker at all JEDI Moonshot Conferences

JEDI Challenge Major Partner on 1 Challenge, JEDI Challenge Partner on 3 more

Meetings with key policymakers and innovation leaders

Access to JEDI Governance

Note: there will be maximum 2 to 8 Foundation Partners 

Specific partnerships are offered to academic & research institutions

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